Flu Vaccines Update

Dear Patient,

Flu vaccinations are ordered a year in advance in general practices based on patient demand. Last year we had surplus vaccines which had to be returned due to poor uptake and patients being vaccinated via third parties such as community pharmacies etc.

No one had foreseen the Covid pandemic we are experiencing and in particular how this would increase the demand for the flu vaccine this year. We had ordered additional vaccines for this year and we have now used up our supplies of the flu vaccine for the over 65 year olds. We have limited vaccines left for the under 65s who have comorbidities. (Please note that this does not affect patients who have a confirmed booked appointment in our allocated flu clinics)

As with all other GP surgeries locally and nationally we have been unable to source any further supplies currently. We are aware that all local community pharmacies have also run out of flu vaccination supplies.

Practices have been informed that once their flu vaccinations supplies have run out, they may be able to source additional vaccine supplies from designated approved suppliers however we will need to wait on further guidance on this and it is not anticipated that there will be additional availability until November.

We are still waiting on national guidance in relation to the new cohort of patients aged 50 to 64 and information on where the supplies of the flu vaccines will be sourced from.

We will update the website if we are able to secure additional supplies and would ask patients to refer to the website for these updates.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Oxted Health Centre