Changes to services for our patients – South Tandridge Primary Care Network (PCN)

During the coronavirus pandemic, we have been introducing new ways of providing services to patients to make sure that everyone can continue to access the help they need. Many new options have been put to the test and where these have proved to work well for our patients, we plan to keep them in place.

Quicker access to appointments

We will continue to triage all patients on the same day so you can access services more quickly. We also plan to continue to consult with patients by video and telephone as well as face to face.  New options that will soon be available include online access to information and advice from our team.

More healthcare professionals in the practice

We are expanding our practice team to bring in new clinicians with a wide range of skills.  New team members in the practice include a pharmacist, a physiotherapist (first contact practitioner) and a psychological therapist (first contact psychological therapist).

Extended hours for more appointments

We are extending the hours during which our services are available so that patients can access appointments after 6.30pm Mon-Fri as well as on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

We are discontinuing the LIVI video/telephone service and replacing it with a new video/telephone service run by our own GPs to improve continuity of care for patients.

From 1st July 2020, the new service will be operated on a rota system across our Primary Care Network (PCN).

Our PCN covers the patients of the GP practices of Oxted Health Centre and Lingfield Surgery.

There will also be a service available at Caterham Dene Hospital on Sundays and Bank Holidays.  Once the risk of coronavirus has further reduced, we will include face to face appointments as part of this service.

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